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Media Partners

UNIGIS cooperates with a number of publishers. They support UNIGIS students with recent textbooks and current publications.

As a Geospatial Communication Network, Geospatial Media and
promotes the usage of Geographic Information Science, Technology and Applications in various areas of development, worldwide and Asia in particular. It assists community and government in developing their productivity, policies and management capabilities by facilitating knowledge transfer in the domain of geographic information. It fosters the growing network of those interested in geo-informatics and encourages the exchange of scientific know-how through its key platforms: Magazines, Portal, Conferences and Training.
GeoInformatics Magazine
provides coverage, analysis and commentary with respect to the international surveying, mapping and GIS industry. Recognizing the integrated nature of the geospatial information industry, GeoInformatics presents thought provoking and useful information.
GEO:connexion and GEO:connexionUK are the essential monthly business-to-business magazines for all with an interest in Geographical Information and its related technologies in the British Isle, continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

V1 Magazine
promotes the application of geospatial technologies in a holistic and multidisciplinary manner for the stewardship of our planet. Our editors and contributors are rooted in technological tools and processes for the more efficient use of resources. We believe in the power of technology to manage earth systems and reduce human impacts on our environment. There’s now a growing interest in combining design functionality with the broader geographical context that geospatial tools offer in order to engage more deeply in land use planning. Design involves a give and take, and often times a return to the drawing board. But good design rewards with a much better and long-term answer to the problems that we set out to overcome.