Study with UNIGIS

Members of the UNIGIS International Association offer postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters courses in Geographical Information Science and Systems by open and distance learning. Core course resources are supplemented with additional materials addressing application domains and various technologies. UNIGIS courses are modular and flexible study programmes. Their content varies to meet the needs of a geographical region and professional community respectively. Optional modules give the opportunity to tailor a study programme to meet individual student needs and interests; residential workshops and summer schools offer specialized, in-depth knowledge and skills acquisition in the broad areas of GISc.

 Meeting regional needs
Local study centres provide administrative support and access to the online courses with experienced tutors. Tutoring and assessment is conducted by mail, phone and email, or online using an eLearning platform. Dedicated websites support the learning process. Students use digital and online study materials including specially developed study notes, guided readings, and practical exercises. Software to support practical work is available to students at low or no cost. There are no oral examinations - assessment is based on submitted assignments and completed coursework. Students are encouraged to use their work experience in the course, and to apply knowledge and skills acquired through their study to their work situations.