UNIGIS now has thousands of alumni worldwide, and more than 500 new students starting with one of our programmes each year. This bears testimony to the increasing demand for professionals in the geospatial domains, and to the sustained attractiveness of UNIGIS qualifications for careers in these fields.


A selection of alumni from around the world speak about their experience and success with UNIGIS:



UNIGIS Manchester, United Kingdom 



Chris Needham – UNIGIS MSc

IT Resource Manager, Thompsons Solicitors


With a lifelong passion for geography, UNIGIS enabled me to further my education in my specific area of interest. The comprehensive curriculum covered both theoretical and technical aspects of GIS and distance learning allowed me to fit studying around my full time employment. Access to resources provided through UNIGIS was second to none which made assignment deadlines achievable. The internet forums were particularly helpful in developing a sense of community with fellow students and tutors alike, which was vital in a remote learning environment.





UNIGIS Salzburg, Austria 


Andreas Runge – UNIGIS MSc


I can warmly recommend the UNIGIS programme to anyone who wants to advance his/her education in Geoinformatics and have a flexible time management . Throughout my entire studies I was always supported by professional and experienced faculty and my fellow students.  After graduation you do not lose contact with your colleagues but meet in the communication platform “Club UNIGIS”. My knowledgebase and problem solving network which I do not want to miss in my job.


Jörg Bangert – UNIGIS MSc


In 2004 I was looking for a challenging, yet rewarding, continuing education course in GIS - Geoinformatics. I found it in the UNIGIS MSc study programme. After two laborious but very interesting years I have concluded my studies with a Master Thesis that was directly connected with my professional environment. Now, one and a half years after graduation, I still draw new impulses and inspiration from Club UNIGIS, - also an online job market and project exchange forum. A regular newsletter on innovation and trends in Geoinformatics would be great!


Tobias Fleischmann – UNIGIS MSc

System- & software engineer for ISR


UNIGIS opened up an insight into current trends and technologies. Concerning the geoweb, GIS and mainstream IT converge more and more. Interoperability is also a very important topic in this context and standards, especially the ones from the OGC and ISO/TC 211 are very well presented in the OpenGIS module. Networking was also a crucial topic for attending the program and last but not least as well the masters degree.

Daniela Hogrebe – UNIGIS MSc

The acquired knowledge, new contacts and the notion of “thinking outside the box” was all worth the feeling of sometimes being deprived of “life’s pleasures”. In the end you hold your diploma and are so proud of what you have achieved.



Christof Amelunxen - UNIGIS MSc
IT Consultant


The UNIGIS program was an excellent opportunity to enhance my prior education and business experience in the regular information technology with a substantial insight into the GI science and is now offering me interesting new perspectives for my scientific and business career. Apart from that I got to know many nice people and had a lot of fun.

UNIGIS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Johannes Luberichs - UNIGIS MSc

Technician for GIS & Cartography


I have been living with UNGIS for several years. Sometimes it has been hard to be motivated and to work solitary on all the interesting topics I was able to have a look at during all the different modules. Therefore I especially enjoyed all the appointments and workshops I have been to in Amsterdam. The warm and family-like but as well demanding learning atmosphere always gave me new power to go on and discover new parts of the world of GIS I would not have entered without UNIGIS.

Paul J.M. Jonk - UNIGIS MSc

Project Manager GIS User Support at the Dutch Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Water Management

I have given the last couple of years to Unigis; But what a joy. Unigis not only enriched me with Geo-related knowledge but also provided me personally with a more analytical view and changed me somehow in that matter in a positive way. 

The long distance learning method Unigis uses encouraged my enthusiasm of GIS and was the only way for me to combine my professional live with the academic one.

Lisho Christoh Mundia - UNIGIS MSc

Namibia Water Corporation (Ltd)


The UNIGIS Postgraduate Diploma improved my Geographical Information Science (GIS) understanding, hands-on technical knowledge base, GIS processes, operations and management. Whilst, the MSc developed my skills in problem definition, research design and planning, data analysis and interpretation and presentation. UNIGIS opened doors for me to be recognised both national and internationally by other communities of professionals working in GIS field, GIS vendors, research and education. Moreover, I have gained promotions, career enhancements and new positions.

Brian Kirwan

Geo-ICT Consultant + Owner at Tua Nua 

GIS Consultant at Servicecentrum Drechtsteden (SCD)

Consultant at Provincie Noord-Holland 


The finishing up of the dissertation was the end of a long road started some four years ago and represented for me the realisation of an ambition which I have harboured for many years. Through the course of the study I learned to think and work on an abstraction level which I hadn’t done so before and thereby created an extra plane upon which one can ply one’s trade and that does not happen everyday!

UNIGIS Girona, Spain

Rocío Blas Morato – UNIGIS MSc

University Professor


UNIGIS has meant to me a qualitative and quantitative change in the way of understanding the Geographic Information Systems and virtual teaching. The UNIGIS experience has given me the knowledgeand and skills that complement my training and have been decisive in my professional development. UNIGIS has contributed to reach my post of Associate Professor at the University of Extremadura and has contributed to develop projects in the GIS professional world.

Raquel Lima - UNIGIS MSc

Forestis – Associação Florestal de Portugal (  


UNIGIS has been very important for me regarding profesional terms because it provided me with an in-depth and structured vision about GIS. As well UNIGIS put within reach of exchange ideas among people coming from differents works areas around the world. 

The UNIGIS system has a suitable approach, allowing a better time organization and planning and making possible to combine your studies with your employment. 

The assess methodology is another value added of UNIGIS Program, based on practical that required to students the real application of theorical knowledge. In my opinion, this system contributes a better learning.

David March Morlà – UNIGIS MSc

PhD candidate in Biology


After my first year of postgraduate, I was awarded with a research fellowship to conduct a PhD on the spatial dynamics of the recreational fisheries, where the GIS skills were a requirement. The training on GIS provided by UNIGIS allowed me to develop my own GIS projects within the framework of my PhD work. Moreover, the participation at workshops, the presentation of my thesis, and the contact with the human team of UNIGIS, were a great experience.

David Casellas Fabrellas – UNIGIS Professional

PhD and teacher at the University of Girona


Important for both things: in a conceptual way (it led me to see the spatial information in a global point of view integrating differents layers of information) and in a practical way: I’m working with invasive species and the formation obtained in UNIGIS allows me to use the GIS in the studies that we conduct (characterizing the invasion, trying to modeling the future of the invasion, etc).

UNIGIS Krakow, Poland


Tomasz Orłowski – UNIGIS MSc

Municipal Roads Administration, Słupsk, Poland


General degree gives a good education but do not prepare directly for a particular career. UNIGIS is different - it could lead directly into a job. UNIGIS was also very beneficial for building up my career – this postgraduate courses was a great chance to meet other GIS professionals and build together a GIS startup company.


Piotr Wasil – UNIGIS MSc



I learned theoretical and practical GIS in much more depth than during my first studies. Few modules during UNIGIS course were very important for my current job, like project management. I was employed by NAVTEQ in the middle of UNIGIS studies and having this studies in my CV helped me significantly. It proved that I have a necessary knowledge of GIS world. As a traveler privately, I also have a chance for business travels while leading international and cross functional projects.

Magdalena Mazurczyk – UNIGIS MSc

ESRI Poland 


UNIGIS was very interesting studies due to the variety of subjects concerning GIS. I improved my GIS knowledge and English technical vocabulary characteristic for GIS. Attending summer school was also a great experience. I met people from different countries and found out how they use GIS in their studies or at work. My master thesis combined my background knowledge with GIS analysis.

Marzena Szkudlarek – UNIGIS MSc

PGE Turow Lignite Mine, Poland


In my opinion UNIGIS is a modern and effective way of studying focused on training and up-to-date technology and ideas. As a geologist I was especially interested in geostatistics and spatial analysis. I’ve improved my skills in GIS software operating and got new knowledge of project management which is very useful for me.

UNIGIS Lisabon, Portugal

Pedro Santos – UNIGIS MSc

IT Expert in Data Management at the ECB in Germany


The most relevant factor of studying a UNIGIS curriculum (at ISEGI/UNL) was no doubt the possibility of being “master of my own time”. The e-learning method allowed me to complete a Master’s degree, being able to manage my personal time and with no disruption of my professional life, especially at a moment that I was moving to live in a different country. This mobility would hardly, if at all, be possible through a normal course.

Paula Curvelo – UNIGIS MSc

New Technology Laboratory (LabNT), Universidade Nova de Lisboa Teaching Assistant at Escola Profissional de Ciências Geográficas


The GIS&Science Master Program, offered by ISEGIUNL and developed with the collaboration of UNIGIS International, was important on several levels. 

Academically and scientifically, because it enabled me to deepen and update knowledge on several research domains related to the use of Geographic Information (Remote Sensing, Data Mining, GIS Modelling) and thus diminishing some of the gaps in my previous education. 

Professionally, because it opened doors, until then closed, allowing the acquisition of competencies (both generic and specific) which are essential in my professional activity. 

Personally, because I was able to meet and develop friendship bonds with people with whom I’m now working.

Madalena Galvão de Melo e Mota – UNIGIS MSc

Teacher at public middle and secondary school in Portugal


UNIGIS was important for me for several reasons. It was very important that I could study online, and did not need to leave my day job. I was very pleased with the quality of the courses and also with the feedback every time I needed. It allowed me to learn about GIS, which I wanted to do for some time, to use it with my students in the classroom. With what I learn in the MSc program in C&GIS, I am now able to use new technology and skills with my students and also teach other teachers to do the same. It allowed me to become a better professional by being able to offer my students different ways of learning. It also allowed me to develop a project (with ISEGI-UNL’s help) that aims to get more teachers to use GIS in the classroom. In other ways, UNIGIS allowed me to meet new people and make new friends. It was a great experience.



Pedro Pinto - UNIGIS MSc

Real State Sales Manager in Morocco


Through UNIGIS-Lisbon I learned from a wide range of disciplines on GIS domain: Remote Sensing, Modeling Processes, Data Mining, GI and Science, etc. 

This technical knowledge’s had made me a more complete and skilled land planner. Now, I feel that I could deal and face the multidisciplinary of land planning problems in a more confident and proficiency way. 

UNIGIS was very important for me and exceeded all my expectations.




Roberto Henriques – UNIGIS MSc

PhD student at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ISEGI)



UNIGIS provided a different postgraduate program, allowing me to full control my own schedule. This power has, in my opinion great advantages inciting each student independency.


UNIGIS Székesfehérvár, Hungary


Laszlo Gombás - UNIGIS Professional

General Manager at Leica Geosystems Hungary Kft


UNIGIS studies were exceptional for me in the sense that besides giving a special spatial way of thinking it conveyed that sort of exciting international and multicultural community feeling that also makes this education really a University.



J. Mike Miller – Graduate Certificate

Raytheon - Sr. Computer Systems Technologist II


UNIGIS has helped me gain the knowledge and skills I need to pursue a career move into GIS. 

The skills I’ve learned will be invaluable to my success. I feel confident that the knowledge gained through UNIGIS will help me to achieve these goals.

ACA*GIScience Bishkek (UNIGIS Study Centre)


Yulia Podrezova – UNIGIS Professional

Junior researcher at the Central Asian Institute of Applied Geosciences (CAIAG), “Climate, water and geoecology” department


UNIGIS is important to me in the development of my career and my efforts to improve processes within my work environment. GIS helps me make decisions based upon geographical information. Unlike any other type of information handling tool, GIS can understand the concept of location. More complex applications use the analytical capabilities of GIS to model environmental processes such as soil erosion, or the response of a river basin to a large rainfall event , etc. GIS gives you the ability to quickly and easily process and analyze the spatial information.

Azamat – UNIGIS Professional  

National expert on Cadastre


UNIGIS important for me as well as the future and success of my country.

UNIGIS Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Ronny Dobbelsteijn

GIS Advisor


UNIGIS has helped me to focus GIS activities into my rural development work for improved effectiveness of development activities. Personally it helped to professionalize my interest in GIS.